Monday, April 11, 2011

A Cow Says Moo: A Magnet Story

On Saturday, James made the dangerous decision to say "No" -- when I asked him if he would mind if I went shopping at a fabric store for a little while. :) I got some adorable new fabric to make into cuffs, as well as more adorable fabric to make into a bunting (tune in for that tutorial tomorrow). Then, well, he said he didn't mind, so instead of coming straight home after I left the fabric store, I figured I'd swing by Hobby Lobby -- since it was on the way home and all. <Insert devious grin>

Yeah, like that. :) But I had pure intentions, see. I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby because I really really really wanted to make these magnets for Isaac. (Have I mentioned that Jessica from Utah County Mom is a genius?) Of course, while at Hobby Lobby, I picked up a ton of other things, but that's beside the point. Isaac loves his magnets and that's all that matters.

Best part? Isaac now knows that a cow says "Moo." And if you ask him to find the cow, he'll run to the fridge, grab the cow magnet, and come running back yelling "Moo mooo mooo moo moo mooo." Entertainment for parents and child alike.

So, thanks Jessica for the idea! Now I just have to make the magnetic board! Jessica, you are going to kill my budget if you keep posting all these awesome ideas. :P

What about you guys? Anything fun this weekend? Do anything devious?

*Oh, and speaking of Utah County Mom, Jessica's got a giveaway going on right now - open until tomorrow! - for tickets to the Living Planet Aquarium. If you're a local, go enter to win a fun trip to see the fishes.*


Shirley said...

I would love those! I was going to make some... but it ended up being super expensive so it didn't happen. Were they super cheap at Hobby Lobby?

Charity said...

They were 68 cents for each of the little animals. Then the cost of magnets - I got 50 for 5 dollars, so they're about 10 cents each. So, under a dollar for each magnet. Not super super cheap, but not too expensive either. Especially if you can actually limit yourself to a few.

Jessica said...

You are so super nice. You seriously make me feel so good about myself.

Jessica said...

P.S. I was going to decorate the magnet board on the outside all cute-sie like with flower and stuff made out of felt but it was 1:30 AM and we left for Cali at 5 am so I went to bed instead. You should decorate yours all cute!

Shelly said...

yay Isaac! He is lucky to have such a super cool mom :)


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