Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lazy, Lazy, Lazy

Do you ever have those times - a few hours, or maybe days, even - when you just don't feel like doing anything productive? If you're a faithful reader of this blog maybe you've realized that I am going through one of those times, except it's been stretching on for weeks. I have a hard time wanting to do anything but eat popsicles on the porch with Isaac or lie on the couch with my feet kicked up contemplating my laziness. Actually, what has been filling most of my non-childcare-dominated hours has been books. Books and books and books. Here's what I've been reading instead of doing productive things:

(If you want to add me as your friend on goodreads, you can find out my opinion of these books - you know you're dying to - and I can know what you're reading so I can read it, too! Loving that site lately.)

That's in no particular order, since I'm too lazy to try to remember when I read them all (laziness is the theme of this post). I did read them all since the last time I posted on this blog though, so this has been the most prolific reading I've done in, well, probably years. In school they used to call me "The Girl with the Book," but it's been a long time since I've lived up to that title.

 Anyway, I'm calling shenanigans on myself -- I'm going to try harder to be a productive person again. I've missed blogging and crafting and creating, even if I'm sure you've filled the void of my absence with other things ;)

What about you guys? Read any good books lately? I'd love a recommendation. Or what do you find is your go-to timesuck?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Notice Anything New?

No, I didn't get my hair cut again, though I need to. No, I'm not wearing a new eyeliner. I don't even wear eyeliner. Come on, guys! Look up. A little higher. There you go.

Yep, I got a new header. Isn't it awesome? :) I know you noticed it, I'm just teasing you. My awesome and talented friend Austin Beckstrom created it for me, along with a new Etsy banner and a business card. They make me feel all official, and very cool of course.

So, if you are ever in need of any graphic design, hit me up for Austin's digits. The man's got skills. And consider this me--giving you my card:


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