Friday, April 8, 2011

Food Storage Friday: A Helpful Site Change

So, I thought it might be a good idea to put all the recipe cards I've created in a central place. You may have noticed a new button at the top of the blog. Right there next to "Home" and "Favorite Blogs," there's now a button for "Recipe Cards." So now you don't have to go slogging through all my posts to find a recipe card for your bag meals. They're all there. I'll keep updating it, too, as I add more recipe cards to the repertoire.

In other food-related news, this week I decided to do something a little crazy. I usually make a one-week meal plan and then go buy everything I need for those meals. One week at a time, that's how I did things. Well, after reading a lot about meal planning, trying to get some new ideas, I decided to try planning an entire month's worth of meals. I know - exciting!

I also went ahead and bought all the groceries for that month's worth of meals, too. So, imagine. I'm used to pushing around a week's worth of groceries, and this time I'm piling in a month's. I was huffing and puffing as I made it to the last aisles. I was placing precariously balanced grocery on top of precariously balanced grocery. I was sweating. I was getting a workout. And I was really weirding out the other patrons. I kept getting this look:

Also, I was fretting, wondering how much I was spending. (Before I left the house, James said to me "Don't spend too much money!") Well, much to my surprise, instead of my giant, muscle-growth-inspiring cart full of groceries costing me 4 times what I would normally spend (you know, 4 weeks in a month and all that math), it was only 2 times what I normally spend. Awesome! I know I'll have to go back for things here and there - milk, produce, etc. But I think we might actually stay within our grocery budget this month, which would be the first time in ... ever.

Thanks, dear.

The other major bonus of planning a month in advance is that now I have all this flexibility. If whatever I planned for a given night doesn't work, I have something like 20 other options to choose from to switch it with - and I have all the stuff to make it. It's exhilarating.

Whatever. It's cool. Someday I might be at the level of these people, who planned their meals for a full year. Whew... one step at a time, right?

So what are you guys doing to save money in the grocery department? Do you have a meal plan? Do you stick to it? Does the idea of a month-long meal plan leave you feeling exhilarated, intimidated, limited, or something else?

I'd love to hear your comments and ideas!


M.C. Sommers said...

Stefani told me about your food storage method so I came to check it out. Such a great idea!

I can't even manage to buy groceries more than a day ahead so you are amazing. I'm impressed. Plus, the pictures and captions of your son are adorable!

PitterPatHeart said...

He he, thanks M.C. It wasn't my idea, but I do think it's cool. I discovered early on that if I don't have food in the house and know what I'm going to do with it, I get cranky. :) So this works for me. :)


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