Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So, I'm not even really sure what I'm doing as a blogger. You may have noticed. Sometimes I am really prolific, and then other times I fall off the face of the planet for weeks at a time.

Sometimes I feel like the main purpose of this blog is to be useful to others - as evidenced by Food Storage Fridays and my somewhat lame attempts at creating tutorials. Then, other times, I think maybe this is just a place for me to come and ruminate about things I'm thinking or reading about and hopefully get a discussion going. And then there are those times when I just want to show pictures of my adorable kid.

But a lot of times, I think I am writing this blog mostly because I want my little slice of people's attention. You know, "Look at me! Look at me!" type stuff. And that's when I stop writing. Because I start to feel like, if all I'm doing is attempting to show off (and show off what exactly?) then maybe I need to get a life. Oh, and I start to feel like I really don't have anything to show off, so I should really quit.

But then I go back to all those other reasons, and I realize I do want to be useful, I do want to talk about interesting and puzzling things, and heck the world deserves as many pictures of my adorable kid as are available. That's just the truth. So here you go:

So, anyway, I guess that's my explanation for the sporadic nature of this blog. Thanks for still coming back from time to time. I can't promise those little demon voices of doubt and self-ridicule won't come back and make me take a sabbatical, but I do promise to keep trying to be interesting. It's a life-long quest.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Motherhood Moment: When He's Helping, He's Learning

Sometimes motherhood is an absolute crackup. The twos are supposedly terrible, but this stage of life with Isaac has mostly been hilarious with a side of the giggles. (Yes, exasperation and frustration occasionally make their way onto the plate, but mostly we have fun around here.) 

Most of my days are filled with little moments of laughter, big smiles, and even bigger messes. As I was thinking about how to make this blog more fun and more meaningful for me and hopefully my readers, I decided it would be a good idea to share some of the moments that fill up my day as a mother. My Life as Mom, you know? Because the fact of the matter is that I have never had a happier time in my life. So, if you'll indulge me in this, I'd love to share a little moment of motherhood every Monday. I'd love it if you'd play along in the comments, and share something about your life (whether it's life as mom, life as dad, life as student, life as daughter, son, brother, sister, whatever) that you love. Ok? Ok.

So, here's this week's little motherhood moment. And trust me, I know this is no big thing, it's just a little moment that I'd like to remember.

I've been working on Isaac's vocabulary and trying to encourage him to be more verbal. So, the other day as he was helping me unload the dishwasher, I decided to work on naming each item as he pulled it out and handed it to me. We started out with me naming the items - spoon, fork, knife (the butter variety, no worries), etc. He quickly joined in and was mostly getting it right. Then all of a sudden, he pulls out a knife and goes "Sword?" I was laughing too hard to enlighten him on the true identity of the utensil, so maybe he'll just thing swords are rather ineffective weapons for the rest of his life.

And a little inspirational quote:

"There is no career more meaningful, no calling more divine, than being a person who truly makes a home in the sense of creating and maintaining an environment of human warmth, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual strength—someone who sees the wellsprings of personal meaning that lie beyond a first glance at a diaper, a frying pan, and a worn tennis shoe. Motherhood is above all a teaching task."
--Sister Marie Hafen
What about you? Any funny little moments you'd like to share so they don't pass you by? I'd love to hear them.


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