Thursday, March 3, 2011

Role Models: The In-Laws

I am so excited right now, it's hard to sit still long enough to write this. BUT since I have this on my mind, I thought there's really no better time. So, what am I all excited about? I get to spend this weekend with some of my favorite people in the whole world: my in-laws.

Some of them anyway. All the ladies in my husband's family (the ones who live nearby, anyway) are taking a short hiatus from the grind of life to eat food, play games, do crafts, and just enjoy each other's company.

Seems strange, maybe, for me to be so psyched about a weekend with my ladies-in-law, since I know it's sort of the running joke that in-laws are something akin to the plague. But not for me. My in-laws are one of the best things I got when I married my husband (he's pretty great, too, but honestly, I might have married him just for his family).

Both sides, the Wildes and the Wests (yes, my husband has a Wilde side :P), are filled with wonderful, kind, compassionate, intelligent, faithful women. They are involved in theater, genealogy, singing, sewing, creating, mothering, sistering, cousining (yeah, they take that pretty seriously), health, dance, and many many more things that aren't easily summed up in one word. They are some of the most talented and at the same time the most humble women I have ever met. It is so empowering to me, to know that when I need someone to look to for guidance, support, or an example of who I want to be in life, I need look no further than my family. Lucky me.

What about you, who do you know that makes you feel empowered? Or maybe just a little awed?


Shirley said...

Yes I remembered right! All girls with your in-laws! So awesome! I totally agree. We go on a girls cruise every three years and I grow to love my in laws more and more. They are so loving and funny and have the best advice. Being the oldest in my family, I lucked out gaining 6 older sisters to learn from and love.

Buffy said...

We do have awesome women in my family...I miss being around their presence so much. Just know Charity, that you are now just as Wilde West as the rest of us and are definitely one of the amazing, empowering women in my life.


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