Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So, today has been one of those days - not a bad day, actually, since some of my favorite people came over to craft with me and a great time was had by all - but it's one of those disorganized days. I keep going from one thing to another and forgetting what I'm doing, or looking for something and getting distracted and forgetting I was ever looking for it. Worst, I forgot to put the roast for dinner in the crock pot, and now I'm not sure what to do for dinner. Sphaghetti, maybe?

Ah well, that's life right, and you just improvise and move on.

Some cool news, though -- my friend Stephie-jean from over at Life: Semi-Crunchy (you know, the one who's shaving her head) is having an auction to help raise money for St Baldrick's. One of my items is included in the auction, and a whole bunch of other great stuff as well. There are a few cloth diapers and wipes, some other fun baby items, and even some cute bags. All of the money raised goes directly to St. Baldrick's, so it's a great way to donate, and also get a little something fun, too. :)

So, go here to check it out! The auction closes tomorrow at 6:15pm EST, so don't dawdle. :)

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