Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Fun Hairband Project

So, I have a sewing machine. His name is Jarvis. Jarvis is computerized, lcd screen and everything, and he tells me when I am screwing up. That's why I called him Jarvis (think Iron Man). I love Jarvis very much, and that is why he had to go away for a while.

Sometimes we hurt the ones we love.

No, it was for his own good. He needed some maintenance work. Just a little checkup, nothing to be worked up over. So, Jarvis is in the shop getting cleaned and dusted out and oiled and all his gears checked, but it's taking two weeks to make the turnaround. Sad.

Especially sad because today I really wanted to make a little gift for someone, and all the things I wanted to try required my faithful sidekick. But that's ok, cuz I am resourceful and the internet is a vast thing... so I did some searching and found a perfect project to try today. Fast, cheap, easy, and no machine required.

Here's what I made:

Wish I had a cute tiny girl baby head to photograph them with. Try imagining. Cute tiny baby girl. Mmmm.... who me? I'm not baby hungry. No.

Anyway, the tutorial can be found at Little Birdie Secrets. She did it with a machine, but it took about five seconds to do this without one. It seems like it's hardly worth the trouble of lugging out the ol' clunker. (Don't tell Jarvis I said that.)

Thanks for letting me share!


Heidi said...

That is super cute! If i had a baby girl I'd let you take a picture of her with it on, but I don't think TJ would like it very much. Maybe next time...

ElissaMLF said...

SO cute! Ramona would be happy to model it for you. ;)

Charity said...

Heidi, TJ would be so cute in this... :P
Elissa, I bet she would be so cute in it, too. Live closer, eh?

Buffy said...

Beautiful. You did a great job with the color selection. You definitely have a gift.


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