Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Notice Anything New?

No, I didn't get my hair cut again, though I need to. No, I'm not wearing a new eyeliner. I don't even wear eyeliner. Come on, guys! Look up. A little higher. There you go.

Yep, I got a new header. Isn't it awesome? :) I know you noticed it, I'm just teasing you. My awesome and talented friend Austin Beckstrom created it for me, along with a new Etsy banner and a business card. They make me feel all official, and very cool of course.

So, if you are ever in need of any graphic design, hit me up for Austin's digits. The man's got skills. And consider this me--giving you my card:


Christian and Jennifer said...

I LOVE IT! It looks fantastic! Great job, Austin.

Austin said...

It turned out great, thanks for the shout out! You were a pleasure to work with.



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